Wednesday, March 29, 2006

to buy or not to buy

is not really a question as i will be buying a bike .a real one. at last. or will I. well....yes. its about time.
its called a Sportage , and its step 2. heaven help me, but i do like the way it looks, kind of clean! no spokes...


thanks Ruf for sharing your birthday with me, it makes me feel REALLY special- and hope this buddy ship goes from strenght to strength.

dear friends just to notify you that what I have often feared would happen ,just did and my brand new Nokia 2300 handphone was stolen on a local bus. my dialog number 0776561954 is thus never going to ring again and Im simply too traumatized to bother with trying for replacements have decided stay "mobile-less" till about next year, as 1)I cant afford to buy one and 2)I wont be able to have any peace with worrying if it will happen again. I'm just glad it wasn't a very expensive one. just a word of caution - Dialog GSM and the local mobile phone companies could easily put a damper on this on going racket of mobile phone theft ,if they simply had a registry of the IMES numbers of stolen phones and refused to activate them-They do not do so because they are only interested in getting connections. So there is no recourse as usual for the poor disadvantaged bus commuter who has to apart from all the other list of misery in local buses, fall very easy prey to druggies who can easily relieve you of a months earnings in one swipe.Mobile phone theft has become so common these days that no one finds it a surprise ,never the less it is rather depressing when it finally does happen to you - so try not to let it. I guess the only thing you can do is anchor your phone to you (at the risk of being dragged somewhere if there is a tangle) and password protect your phone just to stall for time. (that may not really help)I guess its also the case of the lower middle class being messed from every side as usual. .. I ve been watching this for some time now,with some morbid fascination....remember Im out of contact but still your friend---ok if its really urgent Im back to the Hutch number - but incoming messages only .

Monday, March 20, 2006

dance me

"Poezija je samo trag zivota.Plamti li tvoj zivot, poezija je samo pepeo plamteceg zara."Leonard Cohen

"Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."
Leonard Cohen

ps if you are opening this link in office- please be warned -there is a rather striking naughty bit of art work and lovely loud Russian music


Someone sent me kittens...
delivered them into my dreams,
Silly ,Chubby ,Stumbling kittens
which smell like sunlit cotton wool...

They must have come from up above,
I truely do beleive,
For if you watch small kittens play,
how can you ever grieve?