Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Airtel & Knickers,

This week I received a forwarded email of the craziest thing Ive seen in a long time, camera phone shots of a woman's legs taken secretly from under a table, which are supposed to belong to a pretty Airtel Employee, whose regular photo was also sent with her face circled. looking below in the list of people who had forwarded it there were womens names and the name of another Airtel Employee.

well, being your regular unshockable broadminded lady writer, I admit I do get a lot of porn, tasteful and otherwise forwarded by various hyperactive friends..but this was a fellow Sri LAnkan, and the photos were taken clearly without her knowledge, and these were so pathetic, just photos taken under a table of a womans legs
predictably yours truly lost no time in telling them what she thinks of them and is sure they wont even by mistake send her such emails again...
but can you beleive it, the men justified it saying it was to correct her...
heres one reply:

I read your mail with mixed feelings. I am sorry that I cannot fully agree with what you have said in this regard. We have to consider both side before we form an opinion. And we cannot be bias based on our genders. Here I think you have formed an opinion based on you being a woman. Guys may have got other things to say.

I just think of a similar situation where a man shows off his genitals in an office environment or a public place for becoming sexy, what will ladies say or how will women behave in such a context? In Sri Lanka, according to criminal law, a man can be punished for showing off his genitals in public, but not a woman. (What a fair justice!). Being a woman, you can just show off your private area to me by raising your dress up or put down your knickers, but if I do it to you, I will surely be charged in a court and put into jail. I personally think as a society where both genders have got equal rights today bear equal responsibilities for decent behavior and decent dress in an office environment or in a public place. If a girl can ignore what she displays or to what extent she exposes her private body parts to others in an office environment, I am sure her male counterparts won't be possible to work there by concentrating their minds on their work all the day through. Ultimately, the company will be bankrupt sooner or later. I also think the company has equal responsibilities to enforce a dress code for all its employees where normal decency levels are protected and guaranteed. If not, sooner ladies will come to work in bikinies and guys in their jocks. I closely watched the last picture in order to ascertain whether this girl has worn a panty at least to cover her private area sufficiently. But I doubt she has at least worn her kinckers as this picture clearly shows. What a pathetic situation! Or else is this another fashion of THIS INSANE MODERN SOCIETY. This kind of STRIP show OR BODY EXPOSURE by a working girl in a working environment cannot be accepted by any means.(If so we also need to ignore a guy showing off his penis under a table in pretext of cooling off his genitals in an office or for mere fashion). Also taking undercover pictures by her own stafff cannot be approved on the other hand. You see the pros and cons of such a situation. I cannot say anything if an over-sensitive guy started masturbating in this office once he saw this girl unlocking her tighs wide open time to time without any concern for men around or even ignoring the fact that she has not even worn an underwear. In Sri Lankan culture if you have a daughter, sister, wife like this, I think you should be honestly ashamed of her insensitive and careless behaviour or else you should commit suicide. It is o.k. for anyone to behave as they wish behind closed doors or in their private places, but not in public places like an office. If a girl cannot wear enough to cover at least her private parts, what will happen to our next generation. Young men will come wearing see-through pants where their privates parts can be seen easily. In this type of environement, do you think you can make your son a good man with fear to commit sins. Any young guy with natural feelings won't be hide his feelings before this type of hot exposures by an opposite sex even under a table. We know how men feel and women feel. Psycologically too both genders are different in sexual arousal. I think we should teach young women how to dress in public places and guys how to ignore mere nakedness of sexy & horney women in their work places in first place. It does not matter you have sex with anyone you prefer, but you need to ensure that society's age-long norms are protected. You cannot do certain things in public and can do it privately. Just because your body belong to you, it is not ethically correct to show off each and every bit as you prefer or wish. Remember you have got your freedom to circle your stick until you reach other's nose. Otherwise, this society will be a place where wild-ass freedom prevails.This is just my thought. You have the right to agree or disagree.