Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a month in Allys life

20 7 2009 : Rat emergency in ceiling – smell goes up they say
20.7.2009 Went to Trinco with team. DS fighting with AR in the backseat because she touched his hand. Saw CK, He is cute,like a hobbit.
22.7 2009 Asked David Blacker for a kitten. He said he had already given one away.XX corresponded by SMS and said the hotel I had recommended was lovely
22.7.2009 Mrs AS asked me to find her a job. Broker TF kept proposing to me
23. 7 2009 Got a kitten from a strange woman in kotikaawatta. Patchy happy
24.7 .2009 RS says “I don’t know what is happening to me”
25 7 2009 Mrs AS leaves home finally and tearfully
27 7 2009 ASIW fights about chair and dosnt talk to me all day. I found how not to take men seriously from now on. Have two and switch when overdone.
27.7 .2009 C akki went back to USA – I didn’t go to see her this time I feel terrible,
278.7.2009 DS gets interested in NR
31.7.2009 RS says “will you marry me?” unfortunately he is already married
2.8.2009 back in touch with Dancer Dayan after so long
4 8 2009 WJB falls down the stairs in his socks.
9.8.2009 MB says his friends father died
11 8 2009 Major L texts from Indonesia saying would I like anything. Im honestly touched.
12.9 .2009 read up on UNIFEM (Bill and womens charter)
25.9.2009 Mrs AS catches her husband doing something to a woman with a metal stick.
26.9.2009 Mrs AS justifies paranoia saying she is stuck in this “gost prisan”

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life is a Woman

Life gave you to her.

you grew inside a woman
you were born tearing her apart,
grew drinking her blood..

life gave her to you and night after night
you found heaven through a woman
and kept tearing at her flesh,

but life fades,
you will one day be old and weak
and a woman will guide your clutching,frightened hand.

did you ever stop to wonder if
Death is a woman too,and she will
lead you -gently-to your judgment?