Tuesday, June 05, 2007

why we get bombed all over these days-

from wikipedia, a simplified explaination of what happened, in case any of us have forgotton..

Rajapaksa offers less autonomy than Wickremasinghe to the northeast, home to most of Sri Lanka's 3.2 million ethnic Tamils. His narrow victory was arguably engineered by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who want Tamil Eelam to be an independent country. The LTTE boycotted the election, thereby preventing thousands of Tamils from voting, and so Wickremasinghe, whose election promises included a Federal state to the North and East, from taking power.

thoughtprovoking to say the least. makes you wonder what would have happened if the LTTE had not done what they had done...perhaps we would all have gotton SOMEWHERE?instead of goin round and round ?


Anonymous said...

Yep. Which is why I think these two parties have a vested interest in perpetuating the war.

Anonymous said...

and this is a really simple factual unbiased and no nonsense account of 24 years of nonsense


Parthi said...

to be honest im really getting bored of srilankan politics and what its offering to its citizens right now...its all bs....bombing has become so common that we dnt even tlak abt it the next day...i dnt knwo where we are gonan end up..but hope it ends soon and brings mroe smiles to the ppl out there

sittingnut said...

may be you can you explain with all the wisdom of wikipedia why we didn't get anywhere when ranil was in power?
may be you can point to one case in wikipedia of appeasement succeeding with terrorists or fascists anywhere any time ?

anonymous1 said...

Well...the saddest thing is I just looked at the wikipedia article and it is not unbiased in terms of the visual representations.

All pictures present civilians killed by the LTTE and none by government forces.

I wonder if Sri Lankans will ever come to that point when they can view this conflict in humanitarian terms. Just imagine if there was a similar article in Wikipedia about the Iraq war where they only showed the bombs and massacres by the Iraqi insurgents or Al Qaida.

Bad Jam said...

I don't think they are perpetuating the war. This government is fighting to decimate and annihilate.

concerned said...

On Wednesday 15 December 1993, the Joint Declaration on Peace (more commonly known as the Downing Street Declaration) was issued by John Major, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Albert Reynolds, then Taoiseach (Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland), on behalf of the British and Irish governments. This included statements that:

* The British government had no selfish strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland.
* The British government would uphold the right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide between the Union with Great Britain or a united Ireland.
* The British and Irish governments would work for an agreement among all the people of Ireland, embracing "the totality of relationships".[1]
* The Irish government recognised that "Irish self-determination" (meaning, in this context, a United Ireland) required the agreement and consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland. Also, for the first time, a consent of the majority of the people of the Republic of Ireland would be necessarry for reunification, giving the South a say in the reunification process.
* The Irish government would try to address unionist fears of a united Ireland.
* A united Ireland could only be brought about by persuasion.
* Peace must involve a permanent end to the use of, or support for, paramilitary violence.

al juhara said...

Sittin nut,welcome to my blog. Id like to invite you to tell me in ONE SENTENCE how to solve the current problem.

concerned said...

Northern Ireland process good role model for government and LTTE; ceasefire and keep talking for however long it takes within combat zone...not Geneva!

Parthi said...

make a new parliament with a majority of the members made from the youth sector as they seem to have a better vision for the country than the middle/old aged men who are currently ruling us

sittingnut said...

thanks for the welcome
there are no one sentence solutions. what i think of the matter you may read in my blog in detail.