Thursday, July 12, 2007

local governance week

good local governance is apparently the in thing,the hot topic,the absolute buzz word these days- if you dont attend one of those seminars -take a look at what you are missing :

" we came at 5 but no one called us so we didnt know the seminar had started - thats why we missed yesterdays sessions " PS lady looking fresh as a rose, surfacing from her hotel room on morning of Day Two and asking for the publications she had missed

" Working group? um, we missed that ...we went for a walk.-just got back: sorry " Deputy Mayor dude and male colleague when i asked them how the working group had gone (at 11 am on day two mind you - )(going for a walk with another guy? how sad can you get?)

"This loch ness monster fellow, is he dangerous ? " one senior LA representative trying to chat up Ian, the intern from Scotland...(this is the same guy who went for a walk with the Deputy mayor -Ian,watch out)

and last but not least Deputy Mayor trying to make polite small talk when I said I was the CPA librarian...
" I once knew a librarian ; unfortunatley he died: Last year."


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am appalled at your potentially homophobic attitude to the Deputy Mayor and his companion on a journey.
I hope you remember that we are a sexuality sensitive, gender mainstreamed organisation.

Given the skullduggery and shenanigans going on in pradeshiya sabha politics, do you also not think that the enquiry re the lethal qualities of Nessie, may have been a genuine expression of concern?
Finally, you have Mark Twain on your side: reports of your death are obviously greatly exaggerated.