Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parenthood Licenses

Whats wrong with this photo, you may wonder? its one of those quick sudden camera phone things and you see a dad with three, repeat THREE helmet-less children, helmetless, racing to school or work... and if you look closely, the feet of the child in front are above the crashbar a couple of inches from those hefty 60mph tyres.

True it takes a few months and a bit of bribery and corruption not to mention some "rustifying" at the RMV to get a bike license...but the funny thing is that to procreate and produce confused and innocent life is still a choice available to anyone whos gonads are functioning without any social censure.
and in Sri Lanka oddly you can take these life forms around without minimal precaution, on an obviously dangerously overloaded death trap,in rush hour traffic, without even bothering to check where their feet are.
But, Im sure if interviewed the gentleman has a perfectly valid and innocent explanation for this.
I think as usual its women who will have to put a stop to not only the neglect and abuse of children but the unjustified reproduction of offspring that arrive to a world of chaos and injustice on the invitation of misguided humans who think that children are the "done thing"

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sue said...

This is true for parents who take kids in the front seat of cars with or without seat belts. What's so funny is these same parents gasp when a child is taken out without a hat or booties (in the withering heat of Sri Lanka) I've had many a people come up to me and say 'ane lamayata thoppiyakwath dala na' and then happily bundle their kids into the front passenger seat of a car and never bothers with seat belts. Worst thing is the police doesn't bother about this.