Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bahirawayas explained

Sri Lanka is full of buried treasure – if its not the rough gems lying around it would be royal stuff left behind by so many ancient kings who were half the time on the run from regicidal wannabes . So if you just dug about in your back yard a bit you could really find adventure but would you want to is the issue. Legends have rather bad things to say about people who try. The reason given is that these Royal persons kept grabbing hapless passers-by and be-heading them , with the Royal instruction to the dying person to guard the treasure from anyone. So ostensibly the country side was dotted with resentful homicide victims cursed into guarding royal trinkets with all the spiritual might they could muster – the usual vengeful confused earth bound sprits with Unfinished Business.

...from YAK BERA ,
Al Juhara 2006

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