Monday, April 24, 2006

funny …. this isn’t my bedroom

Newbie called yesterday evening.
Hes the second of my friends during the last month who had to have their head re stitched and their ears pasted back on and he also got stabbed but Im not clear as to actually where.
He gave me all the lurid details such as how he was left unconscious in a drain (in it self surviving that is a miracle –never mind benig beaten up with hockey sticks and stabbed randomly)and he woke up at about 3 and thought “that’s funny , this isn’t my bedroom…”and then had to flag down a passing lorry and plead with them to get him to hospital on the assurance that he would sign a document absolving them of any involvement in the likely event that he died…
Im seriously wondering whether this is just the kind of people I hang out with- they seem to come from the same factory, like Odel Models…but Im not complaining, see, I can write BOOKS about these people.
and I am.
writing , I mean.


Chaar~Max said...

Hmm.. and your a Librarian?

al juhara said...

hee hee :-)
youd be surprised at how easy it is to make friends when you are a librarian...