Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the Ninth Day of Christmas

Ok folks this is it, Ive decided to jettison a lot of nice new books (Wilbur Smith/ Alistair McClean etc) at half the price (how I got them is a long story) and bits of clothing that I picked up from sales which I cant fit into, plus a glitzy riding helmet(Unused) and some really useless electronic things which are lying around my house, and my daughters Nokia in preperation for an upgrade.

It’s a charity sale – you heard me- this is really charity , and Im hoping to be able to pay at least in part for my dentures.. I mean, dental upgrades ...and next years' contact lenses and routine maintenance like that, so well, give me a chance....
No -seriously, I mean ...there will be other people there selling normal useful entirely legal things. ...


Date : 9th Sunday December 2007
Venue: Royal Collage Sports Complex (Rugby Grounds) off Stanley Tillekeratne Mawatha (just next to the Indian Restaurant)

Time 10.00 am to 6.30 pm

Stalkers be warned: I’m not alone. There are two other ngo people with me and we know our rights. White Rabbit: dont even think of it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Al,
thats FAIR Rabbit,ok
Fair Rabbit is innocent,cool, very handsome,and quite harmless.
meet me and judge for yourself.

aljuhara said...

Dear Rabbit
:-) i was kidding, dear.See you on Sunday- and maybe there will be lots of other women waiting to meet you too , who knows.

Anonymous said...

Hey pussycat,

dont have an email address to write, why dont you send it to me.