Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sri Lanka's Lion King by Walt Disneynayeke

"Hit men always sneer. They follow a two-week course in Effective Sneering."...

It was the year 18 hundred something and King Rajadi Rajasinghe got Malaria and asked for Chloroquine. Chloroquine had not yet been discovered so they gave him Koththamalli instead.(Even if Chloroquine had been invented the idiots in the Health Department would have had a shortage of it! The Director of Health Services and his yes men could not tell the difference between their chloroquine, arses and their elbows!) The King died.
His last words were "AaaaaaH!"

the rest of the story,which is not mine, can be found here but this here illustration which is mine will be in Tuesday's Colombo Post .

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!!! Reminds me of MR and the Gang!!!

Its Plain Jack!! Finally. Been reading your stuff for a while and I think your are very very funny...