Monday, August 13, 2012

an unfortunate series of , no wait, a really tragic, useless, BLOODY INEXPLICABLE series of events..

Another wierd link I stumbled on when researching that story...

And here is the text of the clip which I wanted to find
Police in Anuradhapura have arrested two suspects in connection with the rape and murder of a pregnant woman.The victim's body was found hanging from a tree near Kandy Lake on July 27.The 40-year-old, who was mentally unstable, had left her Hanwella home following a dispute with her husband three days earlier.
Well, Journalists do mess up more often than not.  this story is sad on so many counts, since the woman was not necessarily mad as it not so subtly implies here, and there certainly was no dispute with her husband, who I know for fact is as grief stricken as a man can be- and also because she was pregnant with a son they had dreamed of all their lives, and in might actually have been this unborn son which caused her death. Wait, you say, murder, rape,and  youre blaming a  fetus....?!?Well I shall tell you how it happened . What made me so shaken up was the whole pointlessness of this death, the whole glitch in circumstances which need never have happened and yet they did, leading to the needless misery of so many people, not the least of whom are the 2 young rapists/murderers who I kid you not are currently suffering physically at the hands of the Sri Lankan Police as we speak ...

I dont know why this kind of thing incidences which make and break lives, I cannot explain them and you will understand my bafflement when you read this story, which you have to believe me is true. Im not a journalist, Im technically their neighbour- the best source.

to be continued

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