Monday, August 13, 2012

Now You See Me - Aug 14

This book of mine, which begs to be written, begins with a Dastardly Murder and Rape (not mine and not in that exact order) but I admit it shook me up. Remember the land I told you I bought, in Hanwella. It made me so happy...according to the UN or something, only 1 per cent of the worlds land is owned by women, astounding as it sounds. well thats food for thought since you will agree it is land that sustains life....anyway, about the land I bought in Hanwella near a large stream and rubber tree estates, so picturesque with water buffaloes furrowing about nearby , endangered and migratory birds crooning from the trees and a rumored family of small esturine crocodiles in the stream? well for the price of about 1500 Dollar, I owned a small patch of Gods Earth, where I could finally lay my bones some day in the hope that they would not be disturbed. Thats what I thought and still think...but now to the murder.
Its quite a sad story with hints of occult, and crimes of passion and it makes you think about life and love and being at the wrong place.
here is the small clip she was afforded online but there are much more detailed stories in the Sinhala papers (local audiences just love some good gore, Im pretty sure my idea for a  paper with only good happy  news will not sell much in this country- or heck , anywhere) ...
anyway the full story goes ....

to be continued

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