Tuesday, January 24, 2006

domestic violence sri lanka

-theres a lot of it !

This is one of the illustrations I did for Shahinas Manual on WOmens Rights- this illustratres domestic violence obviously.We have to explain to some sad women why this is not necessarily part of life . Hope you like the style.

This subject is quite close to my heart- so to speak. My ex-husband thought I was property aka chattel I think its called but I did correct his presumtion in time. I did try about 9 years of negotiating but it didnt work - some guys just dont learn.
Now I find it vaguely exasperating when I have to listen to women who tolerate being pushed around just because they dont have nuts. My own domestic assistant drives me up the wall, by telling me about how she gets hammered by a drunkard each night - she has to work 16 hours a day to ensure he gets fed and watered , so she can afford this privilage. When asked why she tolerates it she says "for the sake of the children" but this cant really be true since her kids are in their 30s and late 20s.

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