Monday, January 23, 2006

Problems of the day

I have to get my newsletters out but Word 2000 has cracked up on my PC and i cant edit it till Alty comes in. Alty is stingy about how much it costs to install new software onto CPA computers.Thats 120 for the CD and 80/= for the trip to get it -a whole whopping 200 /- ruppees Sri Lankan for the procedure. But hes a nice dude generally.
Yup Newbie came over yesterday- he has a fantastic bike a Gullarm whatever that is, it took some reversing- and he has to sit crouched on it like a bat in a gale. He was not impressed by my photos of Gia. but why?

Im begining to think this blog idea is exactly what I needed - somewhere to write all my excuses as to why I could not contact all my friends and aunts. I have so many friends in my life and love them all but they get annoyed when I dont put time into it and think that i have forgetton them .I have not .Its just that its such a rat race and I have to keep food on the table (even if Im often trying not to eat it-)so sometimes actually I honestly dont have the time.Thanks for suggesting this ,Mouse, and oh.thanks for being such a wonderful sibling.

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