Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The best part of a writers life is when shes actually writing - regardless of whether it pays or if anyone is reading it. based on this observation I think what i suspected all along is true and I am in fact a compulsive obsessive writer
Now as to where my current story goes a lovely friend of mine named Sundi - from austrailia - who is a fan of mine - has so far influenced the latter stages - and my own daughter laughingly gave me some good ideas(although she dosn't read my books-i complained but she said that's life - most famous authors relatives dont really read their books according to her-i cant believe that im at a stage where my offspring can have opinions !!!- shes now taller than me too - a pleasant shock -) meanwhile I met Ruffian yesterday 0 heck the guy is going through a real transformation, i think the separation is the best thing that happened to him (just like in my case- sad though it sounds-)now if only hed quit smoking - the world would be his oyster-
if he is lying to me and he isnt really seperated at all - Ill get someone I know to break his kneecaps. Honest i will.

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