Thursday, February 23, 2006


Newbie called me yesterday. He often calls me in the evenings , since I met him, just for a chat.Just to see if Im ok. He asks nothing from me,not even that we ever meet, expects nothing, but talks to me and listens to my problems , advises me ,although he is years younger than me , most of his advise is very useful. And he always winds up by saying that he appriciates me and wishes me the best and reminds me that Im a valuable person to know. Which is heartening. Its not flattery because he has never tried to extract anything from me .

He is a bit of a character, there is more about him in my website. I think he is a viglante

In retrospect - I have met lots of colourful people in Colombo in the last 5 years - some of the really cautious hypocrites are placid professional goody two shoe characters who have "DECENT " all over them, regular "accepted " members of society, bankers, lawyers, accountants "tie -coat johnies" what have you with their detailed codes of ethics - lying, finger pointing and secretly fornicating like there is no tomorrow- and then I have met the slightly "underworld" types-social "misfits", "hippies" and women of "ill repute" and outcasts but do you know what ?-they actuually have principles!

And...By the way Nubie has told me hes looking for a nice girl ,probably a bit older than him, who understands him. hm, brown eyes, a lovely singing voice and a hot bod to die for....not to mention a kind and genuine personality...wonder who the lucky girl will be and if she will even know how lucky she is!

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