Monday, February 27, 2006

hello out there

Im Chandrika.
Well I used to be someone else but now Im Chandrika, and I want to write.
Hey Ive wanted to write since I can rememeber.
Hey wait a minute - the nice thing is Im writing now. ...
I ve also wanted to ride a motorbike since for as long as I recall and Im doing that.(Ill give you the detials in time-)
So- what can I say - Im one happy cow!
meanwhile, the next thing I really would like is for you, the dear gentle reader to actually read what I write.
If you need to know what sort of stuff I write ,well, it has to be fun.
I have never written horror, although I love to read horror and love watching horror movies, the sillier and more grotesque the better...
MY favourite authors? Terry Pratchett, Alistair McClean,Herge, Stephen King and Enid Blyton.
Theres more about me in this blog , why not just go to the main page

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