Thursday, February 23, 2006

murder in the library

Speaking of feeling silly - here are the two emails which pretty much had our staff in hysterics this week - I got some polite enquireis as to whether this can be a periodical occurance

Will the CPA Staff member who willfully took a box of new library books and threw them all over the library table ,during the weekend ,please identify him/herself without delay.
We will be pleased to organize free counselling for you if there are unresolved childhood issues - however if this kind of behavior is repeated my simple solution will be to lock the library during the weekend so no one can even access the nice clean loo upstairs.
thanks and best regards
Chandrika Gadiewasam

Dear Valued Staff,
My apologies for causing a furor this morning - apparently the large scale
vandalism during the weekend has an innocent explanation - good old Aunty
mallika is involved ....and one of the cleaner kids who has tried to wipe
the fan blades and fallen onto the library table...sigh...sorry guys, its
been one of those weeks for me and the last straw is to have walk in on a
battlefield with my precious book lying around dead and do
thanks and best regards,
Chandrika Gadiewasam

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