Monday, October 16, 2006

Als first day in print

well: thats the cover page of the Daily Mirrors WOW magazine of 17th October - and my story is in it on page 2 with a reference to this site.

and thats a first for me! :-)


Voice_in_Colombo said...

You look great for a cover girl! All credits to the Daily Mirror photgrapher ;-)

al juhara said...

Sir,all I can say is,thank you but you really havnt been paying attention.Suggest you slow down...Take things at a more relaxed pace...really SAVOUR life a bit more.

Anonymous said...

the internet version did not give page numbers.. what is the title of your article?

al juhara said...

tis the article below called DOMESTIC BLISS and its not in the internet version:bummer.
and for the record,the beautiful lady on the cover here pictured, is not me.

Mr. Evil said...

Aiyooo crap !! Post your article will u :D Sorry men i've been out cold for ages n havent had time to read up :D How's you been// Whats the scene lately ?? You have only got one guy on the hora men blog neh?? he he he :D Funny thing happened to me today.. Just had a lil breathing space to blog on it.. Newayssss ! Hope you have a good day! Catch you later!

Anonymous said...


Mahisha said...

read the article on WoW... the site looked familure :)

And good to hear that you are doing away with the word "servant"... anyways, most of the helpers that we get now-a-days work only for the money, with no "loyality"; but then again, i do not consider myself a loyal employee by the old standards...

al juhara said...

the article is posted here on this site. a bit below. the title is DOMESTIC BLISS :THE KUSUMAWATHIE FILES.
and I made a mistake its actually on pg 4 of the WOW and not page 2.
the nice thing is I can get feedback here from my readers :-)
ps hope I did not sound too callous about Ms K, I actually went and checked on her, shes ok,feeling a bit bored and lonely at home with only one cat for company. I get the feeling she will be all nice and cooperateive when she does come back. well,for a whole week,perhaps :-)

Voice_in_Colombo said...

Whoops! It was a bloody mistake. I thought the nice lady on the cover was you, and you are refering to that as your "first day on print" :-)

Pictures speak more than words. I was listening to the picture and the title!

Sorry madam!
I mean the lady on the cover page ;-)

Anonymous said...

look, 'voice of colombo', jackass..
go get some help..get into a programme, it really helps..its ok to say can cry if you like, hold my hand..its ok, i'm staying right here..hey hey, stop biting that book, now now, we dont want to be a naughty boy now do we?

..Ruffy..(sinister evil laugh..heh heh heh)