Friday, October 13, 2006

those burning questions

Here are the answers to pretty much all the most important of those serious philosophical questions you have ever asked yourselves on decrepit sunday did the universe evolve? who made us ? and why do we have pubic hair ?

Boardroom notes from that first roundtable discussion on how to create the upright biped- and make sure he stays around....;-An-Eyewitness-Account-Part-One-of-The-Invention-of-Everything/132/

“I don’t know. I think having some hair here and there might help them feel more at home with the other creatures.”
“Instead of all by their lonesome selves on some otherwise desolate planet?”
“Good insight. Very harmonious. I want you to know that. OK, so let’s recap it and take a vote. Here it is. The male has a tube. Can we agree on that?”


Very Bad Man said...

Lady:I think, you've got your priorities mixed up.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree. The pubic hair question is by far the most convoluted enigma that has ever faced man, much more relavant than silly details like who made the universe.

Anonymous said...

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