Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tell me WHY.

Sri Lanka is reportedly worlds number one for
* suicide
*alchoholism and
* child abuse

thats what I hear. Now, what I would welcome, is for all you Colombo bloggers out there to visit my blog and put forward your theories and creative ideas as to
1)whether this is true and
2) if so if there is any link between these three and the general social situation that makes up sri lanka.

meanwhile off I go to Kalutara for a residential course in improving my understanding of something important or another, and I shall be back with all the photographs (of the brainstorming of course) on Monday.Happy blogging.

ps personally I think the root cause of all of this is Sri Lankans dont get laid enough.
or let anyone else get any.


Sam said...

Tell me why not?

Anonymous said...

Suicide: Because people are just dying to get away...

N said...

as I read the blurb on kottu...I thought all those are probably cos of our repressed sexuality :)

dinu said...

Definitely the not-getting-laid-enough thing. And, the worrying thing is - they export it overseas also. Thathi, ammi, promise i'm being a good boy. Trust me... i'm a lawyer don't you know.