Sunday, October 22, 2006

hear Kitty!

FMM decries bombing of the Voice of Tigers (VOT)

The Free Media Movement (FMM) decries the bombing of radio station Voice of Tigers (VOT), the official radio station of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE). Fighter jets belonging to Sri Lankan Air Force bombed the station in Killinochchi, an LTTE held town in Northern Sri Lanka on 17th October 2006. The attack destroyed broadcasting towers of the station and injured two workers.

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well..hello, this is the Voice of Tigers, we are talking about, and they have been banned in the pretty much the rest of the civilised world (not just had their broadcasting licenses revoked! )although the GOSL has not yet come around to noticing this .but-
how cruel is bombing Tigers! - surely there are more civilised ways of making them conform.... Revoke their permits!Tax their stamps ! FINE them! or something-


Voice_in_Colombo said...

Sinhala word for "Movement" is "Viyaparaya" which also the sinhala word used to described "Business". So, I describe FMM as FMB. Free Media Business.

It's a business of earning profit for all those involved in. Some times it may be more profitable than the peace business or war business. "Sunanda & clan" has discovered a real niche market to earn profit. Kumar Rupasinghe is the market leader in "Peace Business" and "War business" is too much competitive. (Too many players already).

So, Sunanda would have thought, "Free Media Business" as an unexplored market opportunity, and created FMM (FMB). LTTE is a lucrative "customer" for FMM, so no wonder they decry any damage to their favorite customer.

Sam said...

FMM need to learn the meaning of word FREE.
Word FREE has deferent meaning for animals and for humans.
For civilians, word FREE do not mean "cows in Colombo are running loose".

I wonder what could happen to FMM if they say that to Churchill when he bomb Nazi Radio Stations.

Pin Head said...

I think people who are representing freedom of expression should have a right to express their few on any issue. by the way this is a democracy so even if LTTE is a terrorist organisation they have a right to express there views. I really don’t see a reason why people should care and shout about the press releases, by the way no one really reads them

Anonymous said...

Ehem.Excuse me, but dont you think, the right to freedom of EXPRESSION kind of ends when you start KILLING people.

Anonymous said...

and even if Sri Lanka is a democracy, then is the LTTE democratic? if they prove that they represent the Tamil people then perhaps they can expect to have the right to freedom of expression. as it is , does not the VOT actually incite racial hatred? does not freedom of expression effectively limit at the point where the expressions are incitedments to violence, war,discord ?

Anonymous said...

LTTE bombed even sacred places like the temple of tooth relic and killed many pilgrims at Sacred Sri Mahabodhi as well as bikkus at Aranthalawa. So, bombing on VOT is less significant in comparrision with the barbaric acts committed by the LTTE. Moreover, VOT is not free media. That is the trumphat used to diseminate the Eelam message to the world. That is not a bias message regarding the sufferings of the innocent Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese people. That is a partial point of view in favor of one of the most barbaric gurriella force in the world, the LTTE. So, we don't have any sympathy on them. We praise patriotic armed forces, specially the Air Force for this bravery act. We encourage and support them to carry out more and more intensive offensive attacks on them and their targets. People who talk on behalf of them should be considered as traitors of the ordinary Tamils, Muslim and Sinhalse people and they should be treated in a disgraceful way.

Muditha Kulasuriya
Texas, U.S.A.

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