Monday, November 06, 2006

another fantastic photo

I totally love these cartoons. This person doesnt know me but is getting me spot on! Wonderful style. Yes, for those of my friends who need something substantial and real to hang on to - my rain story is in wow, (with a few adjustments in the tense ) and thats a wow feeling for me :-) heres the photo of yours truely with the five cats.
speaking of which, why do so many Sri lAnkans hate the poor things? I love cats- I think they are walking feng shui,the majority of people I meet actually shudder at the idea. Why ? I mean what have they ever done to you ? Being afraid of dogs I understand (altho I love them too) - they are clumsy, smelly and bite you suddenly and absentmindedly in spots you dont want to show the local GP. But cats? why do some people REALLy hate cats? They are clean, quiet* and smell lovely when they come in from sunning themsleves. Is it because they look as if they know something we dont ?for example - how to really really relax and take life easy?

* except for Pitchy (aka Boogie Nuts) Blak ,who must compulsively rear-squirt my rice sack. Marking territory I think the scientific explaination is, but then at our place no one really disputes his ownership of the general area. Not Mantal anyway(the only other male feline around,the one living life at a tilt)


Sam said...

//how to really really relax and take life easy? // they have no job and no boss. that is relax. that is easy. :-)

Mr. Evil said...

You know I got a cat at home.. along with several other animals.. but my cat.. it thinks it's a dog.. The guy does everything a dog would.. include bite and hang on to peoples body parts..

al juhara said...

well. its another of those paradoxes. they dont ask for much maybe a salmon tin a day. If you have simple wants, you dont have to be a slave to your boss. I mean-life is odd. I keep wondering why we humans run so tiresomely in this rat race. maybe cats are just happy sticking to the bottom rungs of Maslows hierarchy-all they want is air,warmth, fish and occasionally, a tyre to squirt.

Mahisha said...

Aham.. i do not have many friends, only a few. But only one friend specifically hates cats and all the others love them....

Got two cats... i love cats, and yes one thinks it is a dog and behaves as such. Including coming when its name is called, and following my mother around most of the time when Ginger is not sleeping.

There are number of stray cats around. Which means i hate the mating season - my room is open and the noise drives me crazy at night when all i want to do is sleep! forgive me, but i wish in those occasions to take a bucket of water and pour it... but they are far far away...

BTW, why did you name one Mantal?

Anonymous said...

hhmmm cool cat.... does he bite you ????
mine does when you start playing with it to much. anyway your cat rocks !!!! all cats do mine more than yours !!! :)

Chamendra said...

well I share my views with ma mom
she hates cats (except 1 particular case)
she grew up with mostly dogs & so did I;
her reason for disliking felines is because of the way they
lean on the owner (you know; they go meeow and rub against you with their backbones lifted high up) dogs on the other hand are very very active especially at the early stages.
That is the main reason.
Anyway if it is a well maintained cat then I usually dont mind, but I will always appreciate a pup over a cat.

by the way your blogs are pretty interesting so far
i.e. its hard to find a proper blog to while away some time.