Tuesday, September 19, 2006

from the days before Blog

Twiggy called me on Thursday and asked me what people do when raped. I was in the middle of selling three MootPoints to a chap from the Ministry of Defense so I told him to take a seat and told her that the usual procedure was to get a medical examination ,file a police entry and take the Morning After Pill asap and could I get back to her as I was busy.
She asked me petulantly if I wasn’t going to enquire as to who had been raped – so I said I was not really that curious,right now.
She said it was she who had been raped , so I said oh that’s terrible, in that case did she want to talk about it...and shall I come and provide moral support etc etc?
Then she giggled and said she was joking so I said in that case could I call her back .

I was a bit worried later on, as to whether this could be slightly true or it may be a “ cry for help” kind of thing but a mutual friend suggested that if it was actually her who had been raped , we should probably find the rapist and offer him psychiatric counseling, see if he is still coherent ,that sort of thing….

20th July 2005 From the pre blog Diaries of Al Juhara

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Mr. Evil said...

For one personally i thought / think rapists should be jacked up the butt and shot twice between the eyes. BUT after studying about these things in psyche I learnt a lot. That there are 3 types of rape. Basically by a known person and unknown etc etc..

You can go here and check it out.


As for cries for help. Never avoid them or sound uninterested. sometimes the worst thigs happen in the shortest possible time. Even a decision to keep things inside.

Hope you clear ur mind of any worry :) Sometimes it's good to persue.. cos after all.. sometimes most people have only their friends as talking to family is in our culture something strange lol :)