Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Peace Confidence Index-funny but true

I cant beleive this - can you ?Sri Lankans!!!

Majority prefer India in facilitator role
Rasika Somarathna
COLOMBO:A majority of the Sinhala community has picked India as the most suitable country to play the facilitator role in the peace process.

amazingly SHORT memory spans we seem to have (and Im not referring to my grandma here - she usually couldnt remember who I was although I tried to take her olives and fig biscuits at least once a month-)....can any one remember what happened the LAST time we asked India to interefere ?sorry , intervene?
EVEN MORE Murder, Rape, Arson and coconut- rights violations* than we usually have...
plus they lost their prime minister. we were practically crying and begging for them to butt out at the end of that! REMEMBER?!?

* you may have never considered this, but coconuts have feelings too.they SUFFER due to people continously bashing them on stone altars to impress deities, in order to have their mundane material wishes fulfilled. ..

ps For the record. I have nothing against Indians .They are smart, beautiful ,intelligent and sophisticated and have learnt how to laugh at themselves which, above all, is my idea of civilisation.


Chaar~Max said...

Sri Lankans are known for their Hospitality and their Short Term Memory.

That is why, political parties that keep failing on their promises are still in power, because our people forgot that it was the same bunch of lies they sold them last election.

al juhara said...

and murungaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

Oh please not India. They might as well as ask the British to invade us again.

Coming to think of it. British invasion does not sound bad. At least I will be able to replace by CBNsat connection with a SKY Digital connection.

Over to you Mr. Tony Blair

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with chaar~max.

Well said.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

i'd just agree with recollection of history and facts about sri lankan politicians... do ppl stil have a say in who wants to intervene to protect thte civil rights?? im lost about this now...

p.s many of us had to run to india during the civil war that outburst.

Anonymous said...

one could also maybe say that the majority of the [sourthern] singhala population did not have to live with the direct consequences of the IPKF, like the north & east populations did.

Just Mal said...

Indians... smart, beautiful ,intelligent and sophisticated?

lol... you're serious aren't you?

zorro said...

does this mean I can retire at last?

al juhara said...

naw...not really, JM

Kautilya said...

We do not have to go back and study the histroy of the relationship between India & SL to understand this folly. Anybody who has been reading the publically available writtings of some of the Indian Think Tanks, unlike certain SL think tanks the Indian TT's are manned by retired policy makers and military officers and they are taken seriously by those who are in power, would run a mile from India rather than making them the mediator or policy maker. This is a classic case of leading the masses up the garden path by certain politicians.

India is a "wannabe" superpower. However, the aspirations are not matched by actions. The recent past has seen India making some statements and decisions that are actually detrimental to its national interest under pressure from minority parties in the government. We must deal with India as an emerging superpower whilst keeping in mind historical relations and aspirations of the India.

If Prabha and Pottu Amman are taken out, the two who remain the biggest stumbling block for the policy makers to dabble in SL as the two are convicted for the murder of the former premier, that would give an ideal opportunity for India to intervene.

Hope the policy makes, both political and military, are aware of the scenario's that can develop - to the detrimental of the national interest of the SL. There is a point where the national interest of India and SL may run counter to each other. For an example, dropping a bunker buster to elimniate Prabha whilst the LTTE infrastructure remains intact may not the smartest thing in the national interest and security of Sri Lanka.

al juhara said...

well...Just Mal, I dont know what they look like but these Indians have just got to be intelligent:
The Co-founder of Sun Microsystems (Vinod Khosla),
Creator of Pentium Chip (Vinod Dahm),
Founder and creator of Hotmail (Sabeer Bhatia),
Chief Executive of McKinsey & Co. (Rajat Gupta)
President and CFO of Pepsi Cola (Indra Nooyi)
President of United Airlines (Rono Dutta)
GM of Hewlett Packard (Rajiv Gupta)
President and CEO of US Airways (Rakesh Gangwal)
Chief Executive of CitiBank (Victor Menezes),
Chief Executives of Standard Chartered Bank (Rana Talwar)
Chief Executive officer of Vodafone (Arun Sarin)
President of AT & T-Bell Labs (Arun Netravali)
Vice-Chairman and founder of Juniper Networks (Pradeep Sindhu)
Founder of Bose Audio (Amar Bose)
Founder, chip designer Cirrus Logic (Suhas Patil )
Chairman and CEO of Computer Associates (Sanjay Kumar)
Head of (HPC WorldWide) of Unilever Plc. (Keki Dadiseth)
Chief Executive Officer of HSBC (Aman Mehta)
Director and member of Executive Board of Goldman Sachs (Girish Reddy)
Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (Raghuram Rajan)
Former CTO of Novell Networks (Kanwal Rekhi)