Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why I love Sri Lanka...

Yo peeps yo always hear me bellyaching about Sri Lankan buses, trafffic and sexual harrasment but I just read about why there is no rape in Pakistan and at the end of that, tremendous feelings of adoration for my smelly mother land and its despotic Buddhist Government flooded my heart: I take back every word I ever said abuot GOSL , here I am on my knees kissing the dubiously shaped rubble of my office driveway :- Im glad Im a Sri Lankan cow and not governed by :

The Hadood Ordinance subsumes adultery, fornication, rape and prostitution under the rubric zina and treats them as offences against the State. With the adoption of Hadood laws, for the first time in Pakistan’s history, fornication (extra-marital sex) was rendered illegal and along with adultery, non-compoundable,1 non-bailable2 and punishable by death (Human Rights Watch, 1992: 34).

The level of proof required to convict a man of rape is extremely high *and in effect the same as that required to convict for adultery. In the absence of the necessary proof of non-consent, the accused is released for lack of evidence while the woman who has alleged rape is vulnerable to being convicted of adultery. Under the terms of these laws, the rape complaint is itself a confession of zina. If convicted under the Ordinance, the rape victim is sentenced to one hundred lashes if she is unmarried and to death by stoning if she is married.

*if the accused a) confesses (in which case- stoning !) or b) there are four adult, pious, male muslim witnesses to the act of penetration

English translation : FOUR(4) religious old MALE geezers have to COMFIRM that rape occured IN FRONT OF THEM otherwise the woman gets executed...

For the record :when I say I love Sri Lanka I DO NOT mean literally.I am EXTREMELY monogamous by nature.


Sam said...

Yes. We have so much freedom ~ even more than in America. The only problem is we don’t know how to use it and respect it.

Islamic countries by nature do not value freedom ~ freedom is not an admirable value in those societies. We can’t compare our societies with them. It is total deferent dimension.

About Rape victims – we was not much deferent some time back. Specially in the Kandian era. If higher cast girl got raped by a lower cast man – traditionally her brother suppose to cut her throat front of the family.

Even now we have some leftovers in our society. Yes. We don’t stone any one to death like in Pakistan.
But I have seen many times how we beat up a thief (a person who happened to done theft). The whole village stop the work they do – people having lunch stop the eating – mothers breast feeding run out hanging the baby in one had and fixing her dress in other hand - people sleeping, get up form the bed and get ‘Eda Polla’ (wood Stick form the bed) and run after the thief and beat him up till he almost die before we take him to the police. Then discuses about how we should beat them up like that.

Yes. We do not literally stone rape victims. But can a rape victim come out and say she is a rape victim in Sri Lanka? Can she get married after that? How do we treat her if she had a child? We stone the rape victim too in deferent way.

Yes. Totally agree with you – We are so much better than most of the countries. But we have long way to go.

Well. About monogamous thing … all I say is if any one want to jump over the fence, have some respect to your partner. I mean.. Girls, go with some one like Lionel Richie. Not with ‘driver Banda’.. So your man can have some self esteem. At least he can tell his friends – ‘Dam! Lionel Richie after my girl’

Just Mal said...

Hmm... so what's with you and Islam.

Liberated said...

What I want to know is what those "four good muslim men" are doing watching the act of rape instead of trying to stop it!

As in the world famous case of Mukhtar Mai it was some of the very same "good muslim men" (village council) that ordered her gang rape!

well Sri Lanka maybe better...her you are only made to marry your rapist if you a poor village girl!

Colombo Scully said...

and THATS a fate worse than death,if any,dont ya think? having to marry the rapist? and have little criminal brats with psychotic genes? what a life.

Anonymous said...

and cook,wash and iron for him for the next 50 years,and help with his vitamins and tax forms-come to think of it, the stoning sounds better anyday

al juhara said...

Liberated - I couldnt agree with you more!but there is hope for us. I always refer ladies to the Great Stoneless Rice Victory. More details later.