Tuesday, September 19, 2006

from the pre blog Diaries

Dec 12th 2005
Someone once told me that having lots of cats was a sign of mental instability!

*Shucks!* I cant remember where I buried him...!


Mr. Evil said...

Seriously?? I don't recall learning that :D lol :) but technically i learnt that having MANY animals makes people involuntarily anti social due to time constraints. Stressed due to bad time management.

al juhara said...

actually I am kind of stressed becos of the stink of the little sand patch in my front yard.
the 4 of them have the whole darn world to roam in and they come shit there. and cat shit stinks.
I mean heck I suspect that they even bring in friends and neighbours for "community crapping sessions", -those drawn out male bonding bogathons where they compare sizes and swap streetcat vs homebody stories...