Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Top Ten Signs you are dating a cop

10 . Mysterious scars on his knuckles that he is not willing to explain/fibs about.
9 Lots of grinning references to the old "baton polla."
8 The pet Alsation remains at attention for hours until he remembers to tell it to relax.
7 He insists on sweeping the hotel bedroom for hidden devices before beginning dinner.
6 Your ex-es are suddenly oddly polite and formal with you and any new friends think twice before calling you "babes"
5 He wakes up suddenly at sharp 5 am, reciting the Miranda Clause.
4 Needs to practice half an hour of tai chi to get the bowels moving each morning.
3 Recites the penal code when he’s trying to get some asleep: All 376 sections of it.
2 Has a note saying POLICE LINE :DO NOT CROSS across his mini bar.
and the number one sign you are dating a cop ...

1. Handcuffs don't actually turn him on.

Aljuhara begs forgiveness:- three of these funny lines are from a website somewhere else on the net.
The other 7 are from personal experiance. ..


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

im interested about the 7!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I've been dating a cop for about 2 years and almost none of those apply to what I've learned about dating a cop. My own top 10 signs you are dating a cop would look more like this:

10) You begin to notice that your b/f and his colleagues all wear the same type of jeans ("Cop Jeans"). High-rise, tight in the ass, lacking any sort of style.
9) You notice that he gets unusually excited when he hears about someone getting tased.
8) He looks for any excuse to flash his badge.
7) He is easily irritated by stupid people in public.
6) When someone hits on you, your boyfriend's first reaction is to say "did you tell him you are dating a cop?"
5) He doesn't let you hold his hand when he is in uniform.
4) He insists on telling his heroic stories to EVERY SINGLE PERSON he comes into contact with.
3) He insists that his job is the most important job out there.
2) After a long day of being a big tough cop he comes home and turns into a big cuddle-bug :)
1) Handcuffs do not turn them on.

aljuhara said...

hi and thanks for the feedback, that was interesting. do stay in touch and it would be lovelyif you identified yourself. :-)

Amy said...

I married my cop... here's my top 10 signs you're dating a cop:

10)His vocabulary incorporates more profanity each day.
9)He won't hold your hand in uniform, but he won't think twice about pulling you over when he has a question to ask you.
8)His buddies give him boxes of ammo for his birthday.
7)It amuses him to drive by his friends' homes and shine spot lights into their windows late at night.
6)He gets irritated when you ask a place if they offer police discounts (some cruise lines do!).
5)He only initiates a shopping trip when he gets his yearly uniform allowance.
4)He refuses to have coffee and donuts while on duty.
3)He puts on his uniform to go through drive-thrus (yay free mcdonalds!).
2)You may notice a red laser dot following you around the house. Don't worry, it's just the taser sight and it costs too much to replace the cartridge for him to actually do it.
1)He points out the cars with expired tags on EVERY road trip.

aljuhara said...

ha ha good ones ... thanks for stopping by and hope you read my other articles too :-)

EKLYPZE21 said...

I am dating/engaged to a cop. My top ten are as follows:

10) Profanity is like a second language to him. He speaks it fluently.
9) He asks for a new gun or police gear for christmas.
8)He complains about not wanting to bring work home with him, but he turns on Cops, CSI, or the Shield as soon as he gets home.
7)His pulse goes through the roof when he says blue lights off duty and he mentions that he wants to get part of the action!
6)He breaks minor laws like speeding or not getting a state inspection (VA) because he knows he won't be ticketed.
5)He stops to say hi to every police officer he sees everywhere you go.
4)He takes his gun and badge with him everywhere, even off duty. Including places like a park or grocery store.
3) He calls everyone by their last name and introduces himself by his last name.
2) He knows EVERY restaurant or bar that gives police discounts.
1)He points out expired tags and violation on EVERY road trio.

aljuhara said...

:-) thanks for stopping by...