Tuesday, September 19, 2006

funny thought for the day

Pottuvil killings: Govt. rejects call for UN probe
By Easwaran Rutnam
The government said yesterday there was no need for international assistance to investigate the Pottuvil killings and the trend which took centre stage following the killing of aid workers in Mutur should be avoided.
Defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told a news conference, Sri Lanka had the expertise to carry out a full probe and assured the truth would be revealed once a statement was recorded from the lone survivor.


Sri Lanka ? Expertise ? dont make me laugh.
on second thoughts ,make me laugh,since it releases endorphins and all that ,but leave that poor Lone Survivor alone.Please.


al juhara said...

PS- anyone who wants to throw stuff at us, we will be at Lipton Circus this afternoon, waiting for the bus.

sach said...

I think the sole survivor died today, if I heard the radio news correct. COnfirm this, someone.

Colombo Scully said...

*now* can we bring in the Marines?

Mr. Evil said...

What?? who wants to bring me in?!?!?!