Monday, September 25, 2006

only in Sri Lanka?

Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)
SRI LANKA: The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has stopped investigations into 2000 disappearance cases to avoid having to pay government compensation to the victims
In a very strange move that will surprise anyone concerned with the global effort to eradicate disappearances and gross human rights violations, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL), which claims to be the country's prime agency for the protection and promotion of human rights, officially decided to stop further inquiries into disappearance cases unless an order is received from the government to continue with the inquiries as the findings may result in the "payments of compensation etc".
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I guess this would actually be funny if it was happening to some other peoples- ....say the Swazilanders or Inner Mongolians....but this is the same lovely Sri Lanka which is pushing a one Mr Jayantha Dhanapala ( forward to audition for UN Sec Gen,isnt it?


shimmi said...

typical sri lanka.. human rights only when convinient.

i heard somewhere that jayanath dhanapala left the peace secretariat after learning about army complicity in civillian deaths... do you know whether that's true?

by the way, love your blog!

al juhara said...

not sure about JD but I personally will never say anything against the SLArmy. I have spoken to so many in the forces and I have an idea of what they go through.They suffer in ways we can only begin to imagine, and they are only trying to do their job in spite of all the insult we heap on them.
Maybe we should try and picture Sri Lanka without an army, to really value them.
its human nature anyway that we never value what we take for granted-....

oh and thanks for the complement-I promise there is some of my creative writing coming up pretty soon, so please do keep visiting!