Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Perils of travelling without an ID in Colombo

I got "copped" twice yesterday - first time cos I couldnt produce my ID , (and 3 blokes from my office have spotted me being interrogated on Greenpath) and the second time...welll, the guy actually came to my office with this great big "Special Task Force " badge pinned on his lapel

Ok ,Im kinda joking, I admit- this, at last, is AP , my favourtie Law Enforcement person (the coffin- on- toes episode and the ten points about dating a cop,remember ?) and this time he condescended to pose for a photo.
He is unfortunately unable to smile having suffered loss of nerve signals to one side of his face, but this is nothing really unusual as he does not smile much anyway- in his profession wondering if he will see the next Sunday there is nothing much to smile about. I totally understand.
The trouble with me is no matter how good looking a bloke is I need to be around someone smiley. So you see why this wont work.

Girls , never forget that ID in the morning and
ladies...if this is your husband nows the chance to start questioning him..


al juhara said...

footnote: dont worry ,though he looks rather sinister he honestly told me he has never killed an unarmed person.

Mr. Evil said...

ooooh :D I know lotsa cops who smile :) jovial buggers :) nice ppl too.. I don't like cops on a personal note cos some of them are simply.. well what can i say.. stupid :) Maked you wonder where they were sent on training for traffic rules.. specially directing traffic.. in the mornings most of the heads are on the road (thank god to SL army) but have you seen the way they direct traffic?? the hand signals etc... man.. school kids do a better job in fron of their own schools!! lol! Standards standards.. or perhaps frustration on the job from standing day to night on roads taking.. i mean giving tickets :D

al juhara said...

this one has his talents. trust me.