Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blog moved

Oh, just a notification …
my blog on pet rescue, has had to be moved to
this is because due to the slight technical hitch of leaving our passwords lying around a typical human(homo erectus- what more can I say ?) infilterated it* and took over and is presently giving “animal lover" a new meaning over there…. Well…it wont be difficult to trace who did it from my tracking stats so lets see what happens next….

More about Ginger Nuts ,then at the real pet rescue blog…

*dont you pity people who need this sort of thrill ? I mean how low can you go?
your girlfriend making you all frustrated,again is it, pussy boy?this has just got to be a Sri Lankan!


Sarki said...

it looks like the kind of bloke who dosnt have a girlfriend and sometimes has to resort to farm animals,isnt it?

aljuhara said...

I actually have an accquaintence who says he did it with a pig(or actually must be a sow,I hope) among other things.He described the procedure in clear detail, but I dont have time to record it here.
Looking at him, he's a nice person in other ways.An average person, your man about town.
I really try my best to be non- judgemental you see...:-)

al juhara said...

Hi there,

Just received a link to your petrescue blogsite, and thought I'd send you a short note thanking you on behalf of the entire animal kindgom for the effort made. The smallest actions can move the mightiest mountains.

I applaud you. Give me a shout any time you need help with the rescue efforts, and I'll do my best to give you a hand.

BTW, all 'Nawala SOS' pups have found good homes, and are quite happy.

Best Regards,

Shanuki de Alwis

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

ouch, thts got to hurt whoever *pussyboy* took over ur space for the poor lil fellows who need a shelter. Never been a big fan of pets but never a molester!!

Sam said...

Hmm. Look like an unattended wild animal came to your old blog that may need some desperate help.

al juhara said...

nope it wasnt a wild animal.animals have ethics.

CIA profle of suspected hacker:
18 - 21 years old
maximum height 5'5' 60 kg
medium to fair complexion
thin pencil moustache/protruding teeth or a mole
residing in Battaramulla/Kiribathgoda/ Kelania
background of bedwetting and pet mutilation issues perhaps due to having being molested by a female relative in his youth...
quiet,soft spoken guy, who likes to think he is good in computers.
currently studying for BIT and or AAT.
the case of the kitten in the freezer was something to do with him.

Anonymous said...

poor pig/sow (re:comment2)

Anonymous said...

we were just discussing what could possibly have made the PetSitePhoneyHacker (hereafter refered to as PSPH) take off the offensive photos.
option 1. Blogger intervened since offensive material is a TOR violation- unlikely
option 2 . PSPH had a change of heart and realised the Error of his Ways. He has decided to reform and accept the Baby Jesus into his heart:to turn a new leaf and start attending church more often-yeah. likelier,buh huh ha ha (hollow sinisterlaughter like Rasputin's in Anastasia)