Sunday, August 27, 2006

she that painted elephants

....still on the subject of elephants, I used to love to paint them , when I was a kid. * this here one however is not technically a painting - I got a wildlife CD from Pettah ,froze a good frame, pencil sketched the elephant in a few minutes adjusted the sketch with a good eraser and some spit, then it was scanned and run thru photoshop7, colour varied , and then I used the gradient tool forthe sky. I intend to subject this poor animal to more unnatural manipulations *,so do stay tuned.

* paint here, means on paper . Not the other way.You figured ,right?
*I mean, in *Photoshop*


Just Mal said...

Alrite here's a funny thing. I might actually know you. I don't think there are many intelligent, quirky and fascinating divorced women in Sri Lanka with a penchant for martial arts and motorbikes.

Does your son (if you have one) go to Carey or Wesley. Did you know a guy called Roshan (a friend of mine)?

I'm not a stalker. lol.

al juhara said...

Goody- looks like I have a Reputation! at last!!
I know approximately 3 Roshans so please narrow down...I also know guys who claim their name is Roshan but I havnt actually checked their ID so cant be sure..what did this Roshan say about me, is it printable?Even if you have your lines crossed you know me now, thats the beauty of blog,right? Have a nice day and keep visiting,do! :-)

Just Mal said...

Nah.. I used to talk to this lady on the phone all the time. She was a lot like you.

I was like this little virgin boy of 15 talking to countless women on the phone with an adult voice (and trading contacts with other little virgin boys) trying to get laid. But this lady was quite special. I was so infatuated by her. Something that I do remember now is that she told me that she wanted to make a film (not a porno as I hoped but a good artistic one).

Anyway, I went abroad to do my Alevels and lost contact with her. Being the idiot I was, I gave her number to some fuckwit friends of mine, one of whom was a Piliyandala junkie called Sampath.

Roshan is probably in his mid/late 20s now, drives a sedan (possibly a Nissan Sunny), works in the IT industry and happens to be an old boy of Ananda.

Oh one more thing. This lady once told me that her hubby was 6' 2'' (being one inch shorter I was shit scared). Roshan was your typical kiss and tell bloke and she was pissed off at him because his indiscretions could damage her reputation.

This is all I could remember. Interestingly enough, I can't remember her name or even whether I knew her name or not.

al juhara said...

so thats how my number went all over the net...
You owe me a dialog connection!
wait till I get over there to Aussie, man, will I kick your ass in!

al juhara said...

ok ok Im kidding.dont worry Im not heading for Aussie,and youre details are inaccurate, but if its any consolation my current BF is 5'10 and weighs 96kg. He is the token cop in my book "YAK BERA".He was annoyed that I exposed his shameful secret in that book-see, he has principles and one of them is never kill unarmed people.