Monday, August 21, 2006


on the way back from Negombo I was passing thru Borella- and there is a crowd of bathymathoon ( term copyright Maus ) there looking for a bomb. I mean that - they are taking the challenge personally - you know -" last one at the bomb site is a plebe, nyah nyah "that sort of thing

now dear Extremist Terrorists out there - heres how to get maximum impact for your locally made, budget priced, small scale explosives,remember - you can get truely international dimensions to the incident : -

step one - take a small ordinary looking, old, cardboard box write on the sides of it " BOMB- stay clear! Highly Explosive ! " in 2 inch letters on the sides (remember to translate to sinhala too)
step two - wait for a large crowd to form around the box (this should take about 5 minutes since the State hasnt come around to importing those yellow polythene tapes you see on the X FILES with "POLICE LINE STAY CLEAR " written on them)
step three - throw in a small lump of hand modelled plastique - nothing too fancy,you can make it on the run-since the crowd is already there ,youll have your headlines...

naa, dont mention it , youre most welcome
I just know it -this blog is going to get me killed one way or the other.
for those of you who need a translation - Im trying to tell people to stay clear of danger spots but then its wasted since I know the people reading this are not that dumb...


Pradheep said...

Glad nothing happened to you.

Did you have a nice time in Negombo

Mr. Evil said...

Heyyyyy ! i'm always on the prowl for good beaches! So which one did you go to in negombo? Stay at i mean :) Got any pics?? Hope you start with them soon!