Sunday, August 06, 2006

CHinese Red HEads>

Garudas are really hardy by the way - I had soaked some laundry over night, washed it, squeezed it and then rinsed it in softner again and after i hung it all out, I found this rigid crooked looking centipede (garuda - thats the maeaty overweight nasty one -apparently a vegetarian who lives in coconut trees) in the remaining water in the bucket.I poured the bucket in the drain as usual and I thought the garuda was dead and was about to lift it out of the drain with my fingers then it started waving a that was close -
photo from
I know what my ex hubby would say " You see how she washes my shirts!"

and if you want your own Chinese Red Head just order from here but remember
*Handling of Scolopendra species is NOT recommended

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