Monday, August 21, 2006

yes.its me. I m back.

if its anything to judge the thickness of my skull by, I have,for the record ,been serially federalised over and over again at countless civil society workshops, seminars, conferences , symposiums, what have you and I manage to remain stubbornly and stupidly unconverted, stuck with my own (humble but pigheaded) opinions.
Yesterday was no exception. The food was good, the room was fine, the beach in the morning was glorious as beaches always are at dawn,
but I still dont see an "ethnic problem" , do you my wonderful multi ethnic friends?
I totally approve of ethnic diverstiy and always have - it means there are lots of interestingly different hunks* around-and fantastic fusion music and lots of sumptious types of food to chose from!!! wadey, samosa,thosai and aappa - who wants to eat French Fries all day long , for petes Sake?!

I do see CRIME ,TERRORISM, CORRUPTION and HYPOCRISY plus a lot of inefficiancy in our intelligence bureaus, and a lot of really dense Colomboans but still no reason to panic. Sri Lanka is beautiful! Dumb but beautiful!

*click here for example hot pic of diverse hunks,


Pradheep said...

Well Said!!!!

Mr. Evil said...

Majority dumb.. but the intelligent ones are living a mediocre (or so) life and blogging their lives away :) So much ideas and opinions! I just hope that other than copyright infringing news papers.. some people who run the country would read blogs and take some advice! lol :) Or even take a hint as to who wants an ethnic problem?!? Noone as you say.. u are so right :)