Sunday, August 20, 2006

Escape from Colombo

one day I swear I shall write a book titled as above- but in the meanwhile - tomorrow Im scheduled to take a working break at Negombo at a Teacher Training Workshop.
workshops , seminars,meetings yuh thats life these days

and yup... the clipart is mine...:-)

ps this is what you call a "grassroots"meeting as they are all sitting on the ground-- the alternative in NGO parlance is a "National "meeting (all in some plush Colombo joint eclairs and spring rolls served) or an National Seminar (plush Colombo joint , booze served with the food) and International Sympoisum means really big plush OUTSTATION Joint and booze and real food and people being simultaneoulsy translated into world languages and teleconferencing. and email notes are copied to Kofi Anan.

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sittingnut said...

nice art .
and thanks for the categorization :-)