Tuesday, August 22, 2006

an old bit of prose

Kittens are a miracle that God places everywhere but people do not notice.
Small , perfect , sweet to smell.
Innocent, Trusting. Fast to grow.
Ticklish, wicked , hard to tame.
Earnest, wonderful, poetry in curious motion
And then suddenly they are asleep at peace with the Universe.

pst. bad news,dear gentle readers : I have writers block today. This happens whenever Im given a deadline. Its astounding. It feels as if its spreading to my speech centres too, (claustrophobic paranoia!) I imagine the final outcome will be "Speakers block" (arrrk). Just picture a quiet and very boring pause during a middle class dinner in Colombo and the only thing you can think of saying is -
“yes, …in fact…Ive decided to take some time off and have my Fallopian Tubes tied…”

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