Thursday, August 10, 2006


well I was actually thrilled to see that somethings I say show up on Google. Just do a search on Srina Palace and my nasty but true and extremely vindictive article pops up. yeeehaa.freedom of expression. A wicked thought comes to mind.What if I were to make this website an actual forum for all those downtrodden middle class Colombo consumers who have had their civil rights mangled by various powerful commercial institutions and small print. A sort of Colombo Consumer Voice. What do you all say, my fellow Colomboians?
Power corrupts, but blogspots reveal.

by the way the only place on the net I found any reference to some sort of protection for a Colombo Consumer is -
Mr. Leel Gunasekera.
Federation of Consumer Associations,
Fax: 94-1-500544
you people out there are welcome to tell me what happens when you send the gentleman a fax.

and ps- no Im certainly not being elitist. you dont have to be a Colombian to compain about the atrocities in the marketplace these days.

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