Tuesday, August 15, 2006

mallika- nanny/housekeeper available - Colombo

Now you know how difficult it is to find a good domestic in Colombo. ..the paradox is that there are so many poor folks out there looking for a job but they just dont seem to get the right linkage...
Mallika is a good example -she works in my office and Ive known her about 3 years now , absolutely splendid housekeeper and makes the place shine ,but the cleaning company exploits her - they pay her about 200 a day and they make about 15000 a month on co ordinating things. well , i dont blame them considering how difficult it is to manage some people but I personally would like to help poor old mallika - shes looking for a job as a domestic - she says she can look after kids , keep the place clean that sort of thing shes asking about 7,500/- a month (negotiable) but I dont consider that too steep for , say a busy executive family who needs a domestic help ?
What I find trying about some colombo yuppies is that they earn salarys which run to laks a month with all the perks and then they tell me they want some one to baby sit for about 3000/- a month
now that really annoys me - they would spend that on one bottle at a poolside dinner - but what exactly do they think you can do with that amount ? they are human,right??
and hey these are their precious children they want looked after right? surely they are worth more than that ?

if you want more info about Mallika write to me chandrika6@gmail.com - dont worry,Ill vouch for her behaviour- I think shes a good sort.

meanwhile - heres todays reading its a heartwarming tale indeed

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