Thursday, August 24, 2006


oo. ow. ouwch..grrrrroaaaaan.
thats what happens when you stay away from Karate Class for 3 months and then pop up,grinning sheepishly -1) master khalid makes fun of you and your organisation for good effect "if THIS is how they monitor elections ,no wonder the country is like this " or something to that effect , all in good cheer mind you
2)you get thrown in at the deep end and all those exhuberent 11 year olds start gleefully throwing you just to see the interesting sound effects produced when your skull hits the floor..
well that was my Thursday evening for you.

and meanwhile - I just found out that are lots of friends from Kolonnawa reading (wow - there is intelligent life near Wellampitiya !!! it must be after Perera and Sons opened up) welcome yo all- Im a Kolonnawian too, altho I keep saying Colomboan-(I wish !) (well actually to be honest Im Wellampitian,* cringe*)
you can now, thanks to technical assistance from Maus, enter annonymous comments on my blog.Please doooooo!
love ya all and have a nice weekend!

ps next week : " my zits dont lie"


Mr. Evil said...

The tracker ur using is kinda not that effective if you really want to spy on your visitors :) They give paid services well though.. but if you do want to get more details.. then i suggest extreme tracker.. the one ur using is good for a hit meter.. :)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

hmmm seems like someone is sooooo keen on spying n sniffing IP addy of commentators and ppl who like to read your style of writing, totally witty and upstate.. keep em rolling, and btw am i allowed to comment on the pic >:)