Friday, August 18, 2006

well said, FMM!

Free Media Movement – Sri Lanka

Press Release / 2006.08.18

On Violent Disruption of Anti War Rally in Colombo

The Free Media Movement (FMM) condemns the forcible attempts by group of monks and lay persons under the banner of the Jathika Sanga Sammelanaya ( National Buddhist Monks Association) to disrupt the peaceful anti war rally held in Colombo on 17th August 2006.

FMM deplores the violent behaviour of the agitated crowds as well, and calls for non violent forms of resistance in the face of aggressive and provocative behaviour.

Free expression of diverse ideas is a hallmark of any democratic society. Tolerance and promotion of diverse opinions are a necessary precondition for any democratic discourse. We note with serious concern the trend towards violence and suppression of protest on the part of certain extremist groups who seem, evidently with leverage among ruling parties, and functioning under a religious cover, want to impose their hegemony in the sphere of ideas by force. Only extremism and authoritarianism can prevail under such conditions.

FMM stands for the right of the Jathika Sanga Sammelanya to have and express their own opinion, and urges them to respect the same right of other organisations and persons. At the same time FMM would like to reiterate that the government is duty bound to protect free speech in a democratic country.

Free Media Movement

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