Wednesday, August 23, 2006

letter from a friend

Hey guys,

As a fellow member of a "generation born into the war", I have reached saturation point where I just want to do something! I feel that anything has got to be better than just sitting around belly aching about the "useless" Govt, the "atrocities" of the war, how useless the situation is or how helpless we are to make a difference. I've decided that if I can't make the 2 parties come to the table, I'm atleast gonna help the victims of the war (IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR ETHNICITY)! Cos' simply too many ppl have died, too many ppl have been displaced and are being forced to live under "pathetic" conditions that it's hard to even imagine that ppl can live like that and just too many of us have become indifferent to what's going on around us!

So, to cut to the chase, I did a bit of digging and one of my friends found out that the College of Journalism is collecting stuff for the displaced ppl in the North and East and will be sending the stuff there via Muslim Aid, a local NGO, that will be personally responsible for distributing the stuff to the displaced ppl in the North and East.

The stuff needed are;

Dry rations – sugar, dhal, flour, rice
Baby products – milk, nappies, soap, powder
Sanitary napkins
Toothpaste, soap
Sarees, shalwars, sarongs

The drop off point and contact person is;

65/5, College of Journalism,
C/o, Sri Lanka Press Institute,
Ward Place,
Colombo 07

Contact - Amantha Perera - 0712-295929


Thanks alot for caring!
Love: Marisa.

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mufee said...


Muslim Aid is actually an international organization that work with local NGO's ..

Hope people repond :)